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This is 'Winnie' our new for 2013 passenger bus for family, she seats up to 5 passengers. She is an 11 window kombi and was born in 1967 and lived in Australia until she was imported to the UK a few years ago. Winnie underwent a serious transformation to be a beautiful bus as you see here.

Mileage limit applies to Winnie and she may not be available in bad weather. 

Winnie features some safari windows both front and rear and has two pop out windows at the side to keep you cool, she also has a gas heating system because VWs are notoriously chilly in the winter. It may be possible to use Winnie when the loss is of a small child, parents may be able to travel along side. Please contact us to see if we can help.

Please be aware that Winnie is a classic old dear and being a passenger in her is an experience. Please understand that she is a bit jolty and on some British roads you will feel all the bumps. Because Winnie has been lowered she has pretty hard suspension, its all part of the VW experience but we need you to understand that it will not necessarily be a smooth limousine ride but quite an adventure. Please ensure all passengers are aware before embarking!

If you wish to have music as you go then a memory stick can be used to play MP3s through the stereo or an ipod connected.

Winnie looks very cool behind either hearse, the white paint compliments Hearseby and the silver compliments Ernie.

All of our funeral fleet have a small (removable) penant flag on the roof and we have a selection of colours to suit.

Shes quite a show girl! In far reaching areas of the country where we are not able to provide this vehicle we will try and locate a VW to help you, we are not responsible for other companies vehicles you would be required to satisfy yourself that it is what you want to hire. While we have extremely high standards for our vehilces we can not vouch for the condition of others.

This is our John Kickham on duty with Winnie . John also looks after the mechanical welfare of the fleet.

The splitties together in Manchester. Please note that because of her age Winnie is usually available up to 50 miles from our base. Other distance is by application.

We hope you like her.

splitscreen hearse fleetThe splitscreens together. While our hearse travels on board our specially converted lorry we do not have room to carry two at a time this is why Winnie is limited to funerals nearer to our base. It may be possible to transport her at additional cost and depending on weather.

photos are available here - click through


Being avid Volkswagen fanatics aside from the funeral cars we do have a little collection of lovely bugs too. These are below and are pictured to prove we are totally VW nuts.

Herbie The Love BugThis is our Herbie he's a 1963 rag top deluxe Beetle.

vintage beetleThen we have our latest addition to the collection Ted he's a 1964 vintage looking Karmann Cabriolet.

1964 karmann cabriolet Tedwhile he looks very cool we are making subtle improvements as we go with him.

1965 saloon beetleThis is Pepi she's a 1965 saloon Beetle, shes a lovely example of an original Beetle. Pepi has featured in several magazines and is also the car they used to create the Beetle for the latest Forza racing game.

beetle wedding car This is 'Demis' (Roofoff) it's ok you need to be a certain age to get that one. He is a lovely 1974 Karmann Cabriolet Beetle in Harvest moon beige, (or cream to you and I).

No Volkswagen enthusiast is without their collection of cars in restoration we also have a 1957 oval Beetle (Valerie), a 1971 Saloon Beetle (Betsy) .  Into the mix we also have a 1965 Ford Consul Corsair which has been in the family for 40 years.  This is our current collection, and believe it or not we have downsized


Photos that may be of interest to you, these photos are from before the change to our fleet.  Beetle limos are no longer available through our company.

please note we have 1 stretched Beetle now available.

white funeral carsOur limousines working along with most of the white funeral hire companies in the country to provide a fitting send off for this young man. Working with Neville Funeral Services Luton. 14 white funeral limousines and a white hearse attended this funeral.

Both stretched Beetles now have new owners and are available for wedding hire in Hemel Hempstead and Revesby Lincolnshire and surrounding areas.

All wording and photographs are copyright and owned by the company. Do not replicate.

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