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Michelle Orton   Clare BrookesVolkswagen Funerals was founded by Clare Brookes and Michelle Orton in 2006 to provide an alternative funeral car service for people who want to make a funeral different, unique and memorable. Clare had experienced the untimely deaths of close family members and young friends and found that the funerals generally did not appear to reflect the person who had died.

Having attended so many funerals and feeling lost and unfulfilled with what had happened at most of them we decided that there must be something that can be done to help give a sense of personalisation and meaning to the proceedings and help people who find themselves in this awful position. We discussed what we would want and being followers of the classic VW marque and already having a wedding car hire business called Beetle Drive UK Ltd, Volkswagen Funerals was the result. These days there are many ways that a funeral can be personalised to reflect a persons passions and interests. We can also help you discover the options available to you.

Having a family that have been involved in the funeral trade for generations Clare's Great Uncle Jack Grimmett a taxi company owner started Grimmett and Timms, Coventry as a sideline and turned the front room of his home into a funeral parlour in the 1930's.  Grandfather Arthur Grimmett went into the business after coming out of the army after the war, he was a carpenter and responsible for making the coffins and crosses, he also converted the 'shooting brake' (estate car) as they were known into a Hearse.  Jacks son Gordon continued in the trade with his wife Muriel Grimmett the first woman to direct funerals in Coventry, and who is very well known and respected in the funeral business and still continues today with A J Lloyd Funeral Directors, in Coventry. Here is Muriel on local news Click    and a lovely article too Coventry Telegraph Click We are very proud of her.

It is only natural for us to continue along a similar route of the family business and Volkswagen Funerals will endeavour to provide the most professional service for families along side their chosen Funeral Director at a very sad time in their life.

Jim CullenJames (Jim) Cullen dip FD, MSBP (Acc) - Manager and FD at  VW Funerals

Jim has worked with Volkswagen Funerals since 2008 having met us at the BIFD (British Institute of Funeral Directors) Conference. Jim has been in the funeral profession since leaving school many moons ago and has been helping the bereaved for 27 years. He is a fully qualified Funeral Director and Embalmer. He has also become an honorary V Dubber and understands the finer qualities of classic Volkswagen driving! Jim is available to answer questons you may have regarding planning a funeral and also questions relating to our vehicles and service.

Volkswagen Funerals are owned and run by caring professionals who are also dedicated Volkswagen enthusiasts and are based in the Midlands Near junction 10 M42. Our service is available nationwide.

Michelle Orton    Clare Brookes Proprietors: Clare Brookes MSBP (Acc) and Michelle Orton MSBP (Acc) MAAT

Clare and Michelle are also avid car collectors for a look at some of the collection go to the bottom of Winnies page.

DIY Funeral? Theres nothing to stop you from doing the funeral yourself.  We will assist families who would prefer to take charge of the proceedings for themselves offering vital help and support to you, supply of coffins where required and also transportation for the body and assisting you on the day of the funeral. We will do as much or as little as you would wish for us to do giving you control at all times. We can also provide a suitable vehicle that can be used to carry the coffin for those not requiring our classic fleet.

If you require our vehicle services please advise your funeral director and we will liase with them directly. You are welcome to contact us at any time. It is vital that you check our availability before booking your service or crematorium. The vehicles can be viewed by appointment at our base if required. Alternatively if you have not contacted a funeral director please feel free to contact us directly, there is never any obligation and we will always give you assistance. We may be able to help you find a suitable funeral director in your area.


Recommended by Natural Death Centre Certificate Volkswagen Funerals are included in a list of recommended funeral directors who are all flexible, transparent and accommodating service providers who have either been recommended by members of the public for their outstanding service and have confirmed that they will provide stand alone services and bespoke funerals or are funeral directors who have been known to the The Natural Death Centre (NDC) for many years.

click certificate to go to Natural Death Centre web site recommended Funeral services list. We are recommended 2014

we are accredited members of the Society of Bereavement practitionersVolkswagen Funerals are very humbled to have been awarded  the Society’s highest corporate award of Merit.

Click image to visit the Good Funeral Guide web site also recommended 2012  and finalists at the good funeral awards best alternative hearse category. This was on Sky 1s Greatest Little Britons - The Good Funeral Awards.


Email: click -  info AT vwfunerals.com

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http://www.funeralcarshearseslimousines.com/page/2/ see Heritage Coach company Blog - USA.

When you think of funeral cars, your mind probably goes immediately to traditional hearses. Companies such as Cadillac and Jaguar have long made funeral cars that have become ingrained in our collective unconscious. We know intellectually that before the age of the automobile, funeral cars were generally horse-drawn carriages. We know that at times trains and trolleys have been used in place of traditional funeral cars. We also know that in many parts of the world hearses are entirely different vehicles than they are here.

However, within the Western world, most of us have a certain expectation of what a funeral car “should” be. Nonetheless, times are changing and many of the old rules no longer apply. A company in the UK is now offering Volkswagen funeral cars in a variety of models. Volkswagen Funerals focuses on the belief that a funeral service should be as unique as the person whose life is being celebrated.

Among their unique funeral cars are VW Beetles, VW campers and VW buses. They are painted white in testament to peace, and bear a simple black flag that identifies them as funeral vehicles. The company will even arrange for Herbie the Love Bug to head the funeral procession if the family desires.

Such vehicles are also appropriate for eco-friendly green funerals, which are beginning to catch on in many places. The VW Bug has long been a sign of environmentalism, dating to the days of the 1970s gas crisis, and certainly appropriate today.

Funeral rituals have come a long way since the Victorian era. While many families continue to prefer traditional funerals, an increasing number are now changing traditions in many ways. The purpose of a funeral is ultimately to bring peace and comfort to the family and friends, and whatever rituals are best for them are the ones that should be used.