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There are  family testimonials on this page.

Funerals should be as individual as the person who has died, they're not always somber occasions. For a life well lived people are turning to the idea that a celebration is more fitting for their exit from this world. We want to inspire you to do things as you want them to be done to make their funeral a totally memorable occasion.

Below are a gallery of photos of some of the things families have done to personalise the hearse. If you do wish to do this please consider any overhead canopies at the crematorium or arch ways / low tree branches at the cemetery that we may have to drive under or low bridges if putting larger objects up the top. Please also remember the distance that the hearse will need to travel if putting rather more delicate items on the roof rack including floral tributes. Items may also be carried inside the hearse next to the coffin where space permits. If you have an idea of anything you might like to do please feel free to ask.

You are most welcome to come and see the cars (by appointment) to ensure that they are right for you. There is nothing hidden about us, we are proud of our cars and service and there is never any obligation.

When the founder of a VW club passes away a VW line up is the best tribute ever.

Having found this website and seeing Lornas Glastonbury inspired funeral (scroll below) this lady made lots of choices that she never knew she could and carefully planned her fabulous funeral with us a few months before she passed away to take the burden away from her family. It was terribly sad but so beautiful. She even ordered the downpour that soaked us all. Good job Tracy X

Our magnets make the hearse just that bit different than anyone else has had.

A colourful and musical send of for a Buddhist gentleman.

The coffin covered by the Police ceremonial drape but to be revealed at the end of the service was the badge. West Midlands 2013

Please check our facebook page as there are many photos on there that might help inspire you. It is easier to for us to up load them there so click here to have a look. You can interact with us directly there too.

A beautiful lady pictured with her sister and their childhood teds to travel with her. Southampton 2012

It may be raining outside but everybody had a sunflower for this young ladies funeral. Newmarket 2012

Funeral in Hereford July 13: Dear Clare, Thank you for a lovely send off, can't thank you enough, was a wonderful day we will remember and not just for the sadness of the occasion. Lesley XXX testimonial also written on our Facebook page.

This lady planned her own funeral with Colour My Funeral in Solihull. Our remit was spiritual, happy, lots of colour. It was awesome. Feb 13 Redditch Crem. We flew 2 rainbow windsocks from the roof rack, now you won't have seen that before.

Funeral Bury St Edmonds Suffolk June 13: Hi Clare & Michelle, We would like to thank you so much for the photos taken on Brian celebration of life day, it was emotional watching it as you can imagine but also comforting for us. Your service was exceptional and we know Brian would have been well pleased to travel to his 'special day' in such style, once again thank you for your superb service, Joy, Andrew & Lisa Goodchild.

Glastonbury Town Hall Funeral.

Tithe Green Natural burial ground, Nottingham. Natural Burial grounds are the perfect setting if you want the most personal funerals of all. Graveside services with music provided from the top of the hearse cool, why not. Ask us about our family assist service. For information about Tithe green Nottingham click the image. Steve Barnes who is in charge is a great guy who is always helpful.

Godess funeral GlastonburyMystical, magical GLASTONBURY was the setting for this lady's (Goddess's) funeral. It was one of the most uplifting funerals I have been privileged to be asked to attend.

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A fantastic VW turnout for this funeral in Cheltenham.

For this funeral his work colleagues at a metal fabrication company made a special frame to display him with his greatest fishing achievement on a large canvas. It was really impressive, as was the fish! Nottingham

Southend on sea Family assisted funeral Sept 12: Hi Clare,  I just want to say a huge Thank you to yourself and Jim, for all your help and support for my Dads (Cliff Stone)  funeral. A lot of people have said some very kind words regarding the funeral, and myself and family are very grateful to you for the fantastic service you offered to us. Many Thanks again. Vicky.

You might think this was the funeral of a younger person but actually it was the funeral of a Vicar who loved his own VW campervan that he named Kermit, the soft toys always tavelled in it with him and they travelled with him on this occasion too. Did you know that the coffin of a Minister / priest / vicar is carried the opposite way around? Coffins are usually carried foot end first so when they are placed in chapel the head end is looking forward along with the congregation, a ministers coffin will face the congregation! Manchester

Image Kevin FernLornas funeral was so inspiring, this young oncology nurse sadly had cancer herself but planned her own funeral to include all mourners wearing wellies as she went to Glastonbury every year, the VW's were all part of her 'Glasto style' send off. Cheltenham

As a tribute to Tim his partner put his favourite ironing board up on top to represent his liking for ironing and apparently it represented his poor ability to surf. His friends and family thought it was brilliant as we arrived at the crematorium in Solihull.

Gary loved music, so to incorporate this we put a guitar on the roof, his family gave us a CD of his favourite songs and we played them via a vintage suitcase which we have fitted with a remote controlled car stereo! his music was blasting from the roof rack of the hearse all the way from his home in Fulham to the crematorium!

Everyone stopped to see this amazing send off.

Archie the vultureTim 'The bird man'  had a love of birds of prey so his final journey was following this magnificent Vulture to the chapel. His coffin incorporated his love of birds too. Essex

Ronnie was a surfer so we carried his favourite board with him. Portchester

Click for the news story - Uxbridge GazetteEXCERPTS TAKEN FROM UXBRIDGE GAZETTE NEWS PAPER: "The popular former Haydon student, a keen BMX rider, was given a fitting send off in a Volkswagen Beetle camper van converted into a hearse, topped with his own bike. ".... Two stretch-convertible Beetles, in tribute to James' love of custom vehicles, and a 50-strong convoy of James' BMX rider friends followed behind. " .....    Writing on a Facebook page set up in tribute to James, which now has more than 600 members, friend Andrew May said: "What a great send off for you today Jim. Everything was perfect, specially the Camper and the stretched Beetles.
"Your family planned the funeral so well, they got what you would have wanted spot on, you should be proud of them, just as proud as they are of you.

cyclists funeralIf they were a keen cyclist then it seems only right that their final ride should be along with their bike, here are 2 examples of the hearse with a bike on the top. (Consider any low bridges / branches or canopies at the crematorium) (the Beetle Limos are no longer available )

personalised funeralThis is the funeral of Tony Young who's family chose to do an independent funeral with a little bit of help from Volkswagen Funerals, the funeral that they arranged was an inspiration and something I will remember for a long time to come. Please see Tony's sister Sharons testimonial below. London

TESTIMONIAL DIY ASSISTED FUNERAL: VW Funerals helped me and my family with our brother’s funeral. The service they provided was absolutely fantastic - from the first contact, during the days leading up to the funeral, on the day of the funeral itself and after the funeral Clare has checked in regularly to see if there has been anything she could do. During the preparation for the funeral, Clare maintained contact with us each day by phone or email to ensure that everything was okay and to answer questions. As my family and I arranged the funeral ourselves, we found her advice to be a tremendous help as we worked through the complicated process that is understandably infused with a lot of emotion. Clare took time to find out about my brother and offered suggestions that helped personalise his funeral, including being able to decorate the van.    On the day of the funeral, Clare and Jim were very professional. They kept us informed throughout the morning letting us know how they were progressing, and arrived on time. Throughout the day they provided support to us all in the aspects that we found most difficult. Jim was very respectful when it came to retrieving and preparing the body. In particular his interaction with Josie (Mum) knowing that she had expressed a wish to view and dress Tony. He kindly and respectfully suggested it may be better if she stayed with her memories of Tony as he had been, having given her all the information Jim still left the decision to her which Josie appreciated very much. Both Jim and Clare instinctively knew when to step forward and help, and when to stand back and let us do things ourselves. Throughout it all, VW Funerals were professional and personable. They gave us the right information and support to enable us to deal with the different challenges that arose. Clare and Jim provided us with the space to make sure that my brother’s last trip was in the style that he would have been happy with. In a terribly sad time they provided a brilliant alternative to a more traditional funeral. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.   Sharon Young

Family assisted Funeral ( or DIY) We will assist families who would prefer to take charge of the proceedings for themselves offering vital help and support to you, supply of coffins where required and also transportation for the body and assisting you on the day of the funeral. We will do as much or as little as you would wish for us to do giving you control at all times.

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Tony Young cycled many thousands of miles on his bike so it had to travel with him on his final ride. London - June 2010.

The whole neighbourhood walked behind the hearse for this funeral approximately 200 mourners joined the procession in Great Yarmouth, 2009.

Peace Funerals Sheffield click for web siteDerbyshire with Peace Funerals

Cars wearing matching black ribbon to mark the sad passing of a young person, Doncaster 2009. (This is our previous fleet)

A model aircraft lover had his final flyover with a spitfire that he had built, the coffin also had spitfires on it from Colourful Coffins. Nuneaton 2009.

A Volkswagen 'druise' was organised between the church and the cemetery for this young VW enthusiasts, all of his friends and club members gave him a final ride to be proud of. Grimsby

The hearse was dressed in suffragettes colours for this lady.Working along side Albins Funeral Directors in London, Exceptional standards.

Family and friends followed in their own Volkswagens for this funeral in Cardiff

School children and friends of the little girl decorated the hearse with pictures they had made in class and attached them with blue tac themselves to the hearse. Essex 2009

This gentleman went on his final ride with his favourite hat, messages from his family and his Guitar. Bishops Stortford Feb 2010.

The hearse was packed with floral tributes for this young horticulturalist in Nottingham April 2010. Working with A W Lymn.

We can supply almost any colour ribbon so favourite colours, team colours, etc can be applied, we will also do our best to provide a flag in a matching colour. Essex

This gentleman organised his own funeral and it was rather unique it hit the headlines! read the news story here  Excerpt from the story -  "Paul died in July 2009 and true to form he had organised his own funeral in a funny, memorable way.

A white camper van was organised to drive him to church and Paul planned the ceremony to include the songs Queen's 'Another One Bites The Dust' and Monty Python's 'Always Look On the Bright Side of Life'. Liverpool / Wirral

This Chelsea fan had Chelsea Colours on the cars and the hearse contained 5 large helium ballons for his children to let go of after the service with messages to Daddy. The Chelsea Anthem was blasting out of the limousine as he drew up to the crematorium doors for all the mourners to hear and played while he was carried to the crematorium catafalque. (Beetle no longer available)

We decorated the hearse with our flower and surfboard magnets for the funeral of this young lady along with ribbons and flag in her favourite colour. Coalville