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'Hearseby' is a 'show winning' and extremely rare  VW 'Type 26' bay window coach built hearse, the only one of it's kind offered for hire. Simply known as 'the campervan hearse' although he has never been a camper. This original 1972 hearse has  been sympathetically restored and is absolutely stunningly beautiful.    This hearse can cater for larger caskets and floral tributes. 

Available to hire nationwide




There's also 'Ernie' our handsome 1965 split screen VW hearse for those who love the earlier model.  Ernie has spent most of his life in the United States and is two tone silver and has oodles of shiny stainless steel fittings, a rise and fall coffin deck and is topped with our bespoke pennant flag and flower rack. 

Ernie can cater for large caskets and floral tributes. 

Available to hire nationwide


Volkswagen Funerals fleet can be identified by the bespoke pennant flag on the roof which can be personalised to suit the funeral.

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Volkswagen Hearse

Thank you for visiting our website, whatever your reason for visiting our page please be assured that we are here to help you at what is most likely a very difficult time for you.

Volkswagen Funerals provide a completely unique service supplying an alternative funeral transport. We may also be able to assist you in finding suitable funeral directors and suppliers who can help you plan a fitting funeral from some of the amazing coffins that are available to what you can do with your loved ones ashes.

For those wishing to do more of the funeral for yourselves or 'DIY' funerals we may be able to assist you with this too.  


We are Midlands based, our alternative Volkswagen hearses are available nationwide.

Split screen VW funeral hearse carrying his own bike

Our Volkswagens are the perfect choice for a traditional funeral but also are very popular for life celebrations also Pagan / Wiccan funerals, Buddhist, eco, green funerals and woodland and natural burials. Also for folk who had a great sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors, perhaps they travelled in one or enjoyed music festivals,  enjoyed holidays in a Volkswagen camper or owned a Beetle and for people who always wanted to own or go travelling in one.

We have found that it's sometimes easier for the mourners to have a service away from the restraints of a crematorium or church. Holding a funeral at a venue is getting more popular and one idea that we have done several times is that we 'drive away into the sunset' as people wave, clap, send up balloons or Doves, this effectively becomes the committal, a little different to curtains but it can be done. Feel free to ask about this and Im sure that your chosen funeral director would have no onjection. 


There is a huge following of this marque of vehicle and as lifelong VW enthusiasts and collectors ourselves we know the community have welcomed suitable vehicles and a professional trust worthy service to cater for our own sadly departed 'Vee Dubbers'.  

Volkswagen Funerals have served families since 2006 and have gained a first class reputation, we are a trusted company within the funeral profession and available to hire through your funeral director or directly. 


Funeral rituals have come a long way since the Victorian era. While many families continue to prefer traditional funerals, an increasing number are now changing traditions in many ways. The purpose of a funeral is ultimately to bring peace and comfort to the bereaved, and whatever rituals are best for them are the ones that should be used. 

Childs funeral service - VW campervan style hearse



Our fleet is often called in to provide a more fitting tribute for when the sad death of a young person has occurred. The friendly look of the VW and light paintwork can help to brighten a very sad difficult day and mark a memorable occasion. 
Our Volkswagens have a pennant flag at the front of the roof and we are happy to apply a ribbon to the front of the vehicles, we have various colours to choose from, the flag helps other road users to see that this is a funeral cortege. You can personalise our vehicles too if you want to, just let get in touch and we will go through it with you. 


We will work in partnership with your Funeral Director and liaise with them,  or  you can give us your transport requirements directly and we will contact the Funeral Director on your behalf.


Volkswagen hearse with wicker casket on the raised platform.

If you are unsure that your chosen funeral director will provide your choice of alternative transport ask them, if they are not willing to fulfill your requests then you should consider a company that will. Remember they are a business and as such are there to serve you. We have heard all kinds of excuses for companies not letting families have what they want from transport to coffins, and also selling things to you that you don't need or want. Don't sign anything if you are unsure or if they won't give you a written estimate, just take some time out to think about it, there is no rush! 

If you have any questions relating to hiring our service you are welcome to call, fill in the contact form or just email us, there is never any obligation.

It is most important that you do check our availability before booking your funeral service.

Volkswagen Funerals attention to detail and service has made us an industry leader and winners of the  Good Funeral Awards best alternative hearse category. With show winning vehicles to choose from, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for to mark the passing of a unique individual. If you require assistance, our qualified staff will provide you with expert guidance, with no obligation. We are proud to be a service that you can trust.

Our unique funeral service

An alternative funeral, alternative hearse, alternative venue, natural burial ground.

Our sister company 'Simply Funerals'  is there to guide and assist you with the funeral from small and simple funerals to a grand send off and everything in between, we are able to provide a funeral service in our local areas (Nuneaton and surrounding areas) .

If you wish to do the funeral or some of it yourself we can help with the bits that are more difficult or even guide you over the phone.

We have the correct equipment and we can supply competitively priced coffins, caskets and urns from bamboo baskets to American caskets, even family pet caskets as we believe that our beloved pets deserve to be given a fitting send-off too.

Our Ford Tourneo can be used for passengers or as a hearse, nobody knows what's inside for those not requiring ceremonial vehicles.

Our set up is a little different to the usual it may not be for everyone but we work along with a wonderful, professional local Midlands based funeral directors for our mortuary and chapel of rest facilities and yes we do supply traditional funeral cars too usually new modern Jaguars (Volkswagens are not mandatory!) 

We will also supply other alternative vehicles if you fancy a Chevy as above, Land Rover, Morris Minor, Motorbike, Reliant 3 wheeler 'Trotter' hearse, trucks, our own lovely London Fairway taxi cab will be available in 2022 of course  horses are a traditional favourite too, we can even get our hands on an amazing electric hearse if that’s what you would like. There's no reason that you can't use your own vehicle as long as it is safe and secure and that the coffin fits. It’s entirely your choice and you only pay for what you need!

                                                                                 We are a very bespoke service.      Contact us if you require further information.

Contact us also for our direct cremation (no mourners) and low cost funeral service. 

We are recommended by The Natural Death Centre and are members of the association of Natural Burial Grounds The Association of Green Funeral directors and associate members of  trade body SAIF. 


Morris Traveller Hearse 'Trudy' 

For any Morris Minor lovers out there we are pleased to be able to offer 'Trudy' a beautiful 1965 Morris Traveller 1000 hearse.

Trudy is available throughout the country for funerals as part of our fleet. 


We hope you like her. You can find out more by visiting  Morris Minor Funerals


FACEBOOK has all the latest and Contact us for availability and information. 



London Taxi cab hearse  - Black cab 'Big Ben' London Taxi hearse - Big Ben coming soon!

Having grown up in Coventry Clare was very familiar with Carbodies the London Taxi Factory being just a couple of miles from her family home there. The famous black cab, an iconic British vehicle is becoming a rare sight sadly and there are few left that haven't rotted away,  most have done moon miles in their life time. 'Big Ben' as we have affectionately named him is the old traditional shaped Fairway cab and is being carefully restored and fitted to our high standard and hopefully will be with us soon. -  The lovely logo of Big Ben is designed by Emily Cook


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