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Michelle Orton MSBP (Acc) MAAT and Clare Brookes MSBP (Acc)

Volkswagen Funerals was founded by Clare Brookes and Michelle Orton in 2006 to provide an alternative funeral car service for people who want to make a funeral different, unique and memorable. Clare had experienced the untimely deaths of close family members and young friends and found that the funerals generally did not appear to reflect the person who had died. 


Having attended so many funerals and feeling lost and unfulfilled with what had happened at most of them we decided that there must be something that can be done to help give a sense of personalisation and meaning to the proceedings and help people who find themselves in this awful position. We discussed what we would want and being dedicated followers and collectors of the classic VW marque and already having a wedding car hire business called Beetle Drive UK Ltd, Volkswagen Funerals was the result. These days there are many ways that a funeral can be personalised to reflect a persons passions and interests and we are proud to have helped many families and friends over the last 16 years to achieve very beautiful funerals.

Michelle Orton and Clare Brookes with their Good Funeral Award for best alternative hearse.

Having a family that have been involved in the funeral trade for generations Clare's Great Uncle Jack Grimmett a taxi company owner started Grimmett and Timms, Coventry as a side line and turned the front room of his home into a funeral parlour in the 1930's.  Grandfather Arthur Grimmett went into the business after coming out of the army after the war, he was a carpenter and builder and was responsible for making the coffins and crosses, he also converted the 'shooting brake' (estate car) as they were known into a Hearse.  Jacks son Gordon continued in the trade with his wife Muriel Grimmett the first woman to direct funerals in Coventry, and who was very well known, respected and loved in the funeral business. Muriel took ill in 2016 but continued to conduct funerals  with A J Lloyd Funeral Directors, in Coventry up until September 17, very sadly we lost her at the end of October 2017.  Here is Muriel on local news Click   and a lovely article too Coventry Telegraph Click We are very proud of her and will miss her greatly.


So it is only natural for us to continue along a similar route to continue our family history, Volkswagen Funerals will endeavour to provide the most professional and compassionate service for families along side their chosen Funeral Director at a very sad time in their life. 


Both myself and Michelle have owned and still own very many Volkswagens from 1950's up to more modern ones and we are rather well known for this in the VW community.

We have shown many of our interesting vehicles over the years and have won trophies from shows all over the country and have met many like minded enthusiasts. We collect other marques of vehicles too from a Series Land Rover and Ford Corsair to a very cool 1950 GMC/Chevy farm truck. We are also scooter and motorbike riders so as you can see we have an interest in all kinds of transport.   


We are avid animal lovers and rescuers and active supporters of local of rescue centres and the British Hen Welfare Trust where we give our time volunteering at the local hen rescue rehoming battery hens. 

Volkswagen Funerals is owned and run by caring professionals who along with their faithful backing team assist with funerals and maintain the vehicles so we can continue to provide our service to you, we are based in Nuneaton, Midlands Near junction 10 of the M42.

The hearse hire service is available nationwide, we have a fully licensed and insured covered lorry (Big Bertha)  for transporting the hearses to their destinations keeping mileage to a minimum so they arrive protected, immaculate, prepared and ready for the service.

Affiliations and memberships

Rev George Callander presenting us with our Award of Merit

Volkswagen Funerals are highly honoured to be awarded The Society of Bereavement Practitioners Award of Merit, the Society’s highest corporate award made to organisations, care facilities and businesses demonstrating commitment to best practice and an outstanding active bereavement care and support network for staff, residents or clients. 

We are active members of The Good Funeral Guild whose mission is not to reflect change in funerary practices but to be the change! The guild is part of The Good Funeral Guide. 


Volkswagen Funerals are associate members of the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral directors. 


Association of Green Funeral Drectors.

Our sister company Simply Funerals is a proud member of The Association of Green Funeral Directors whos objective is to help members of the public find funeral homes in their area which are willing to provide greener options in the funerals they carry out. Take a look at their website. www.greenfd.org.uk

We are also proud to be associated and recommended by the Natural Death Centre. In their own words "We are passionate about sharing knowledge, dispelling myths, and empowering everyone who wants to have the best experience possible when it comes to making arrangements for a funeral." www.naturaldeath.org.uk take a look at the website for everything you need to know. 

We have been voted the 2014 winners of the alternative hearse category at The Good Funeral Awards 2014! This is great news for Volkswagen Funerals because we know we are on the right track in our service to the bereaved. It is so important for us to get it absolutely right and this shows that people have noticed. 

We are dedicated to providing fair funeral costs and so we offer a complete funeral service (using whatever transport you require be it a traditional black hearse fleet, white, silver, horses, a hearsette etc) also sourcing all kinds of coffins, venues and also helping you to be more hands on if you want to. We believe in giving you the time and space to create a beautiful meaningful funeral for the person who has died.

Freight Transport Association - Our hearses are transported around the country on board our covered car transporter. We are members of this association to ensure correct compliance of tachograph and operators licence laws and to keep us rolling up and down the country.

Please call us on 0121 476 9111 or use our contact form.

We are located at:

The Old Bakery

18 Church Road 




CV10 0NB

(Visiting is strictly by appointment only.)

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If you have any queries  or wish to discuss your needs please contact us     0121 476 9111 


Or use our contact form.

         Woodland Burial poem

                 by Pam Ayres


Don't lay me in some gloomy churchyard shaded by a wall
Where the dust of ancient bones has spread a dryness over all,
Lay me in some leafy loam where, sheltered from the cold
Little seeds investigate and tender leaves unfold.
There kindly and affectionately, plant a native tree
To grow resplendent before God and hold some part of me.
The roots will not disturb me as they wend their peaceful way
To build the fine and bountiful, from closure and decay.
To seek their small requirements so that when their work is done
I’ll be tall and standing strongly in the beauty of the sun.

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